HomedōTERRA Essential Oils Foaming Hand Soap

Foaming Hand Soap

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This is a simple swap for foaming hand soap and you can make it for as little as $1.33 a bottle!

In your foaming hand soap container, add:

2 Tbsp Unscented Castile Soap
1 Tbsp Fractionated Coconut Oil
10 drops of your favourite dōTERRA essential oils
Top with water!

The cost is dependent on which oils you choose to use, a few of great ideas for oils are:
On Guard offers a fragrant, natural, way to clean your skin.
Peppermint is refreshing and mixed with Tea Tree Oil is renowned for its cleansing effect on the skin.
Lemon and Lime Oils are effective for cleansing the skin and have a great fragrance!

If you’ve tried any of these pairings or others, comment below and share your thoughts!

Source: dōTERRA blog

If you want more information about dōTERRA’s oil, please contact me or visit: https://www.mydoterra.com/bevgiberson

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