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I’ve recently become obsessed with rollerballs!

What are they, you ask? They’re a safe and easy way to use your essential oils for the whole family!

You can make rollerballs for all sorts of issues, the help alleviate headaches, allergies and even your upset stomach!

But how do you use them?

Rollerballs should be used where you need relief!

If you have a headache, use it on your temples and forehead, if you’re using it for sore muscles, use it on your muscles! If you’re using it for general health, put it on the back of your neck or the bottoms of your feet!


Some essential oils are safe to use straight out of the bottle and some are not. Even oils that are safe to use straight can be diluted and if you’re using them children, they should be diluted a lot!

Making rollerballs safe for the whole family is a great way to take your oils on the go!! My kids love them! They each kids has their own rollerball – my daughter likes to give her brother a footrub using his rollerball at bedtime!

doTerra lavender essential oil for sleep kids babies mom's best friend

**Be sure to wash your hands after handling essential oils, you don’t want them in your eyes nor any other facial orifice!**

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