Coming up to my 3 year Fit-versary, I have to say that I love Beachbody!

Their workouts are top notch, there’s lots of selection but most of all, I have made some great friends through BB. <3

Have I achieved my goals? Nope!
Have I given up? Nope!
Have I learned anything? Sooo very much!

I learned how to eat clean
I learned that everybody is different
I learned that everyone has different goals
I learned how to motivate myself
I learned that I’m not expected to be perfect
I learned that nobody’s perfect
I learned how to love myself
…and I exercised a bit!

You see, the Beachbody journey isn’t about exercising and eating salads.

To me, it was about learning about me, my family and how to incorporate health & fitness into our house and still have a life.

Plus, I love that I have my awesome family and my fitfam! 

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